What is the parent's/guardian's role in the Deer Valley Online Learning Program?

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Parents/guardians have an active role in the online learning community, much like they do at traditional schools. Parents/guardians are encouraged to engage with their child by monitoring their progress and communicating regularly with teachers. Parents/guardians should help plan a daily schedule for their child. They should plan to check on their child's progress and help the student stay on schedule. Once a student learns the daily routine and becomes an engaged online learner, a parent/guardian should be able to expect more independence. Parents/guardians are encouraged to create their own parent/guardian account to easily monitor their child's work in Canvas. Learn how to create a parent/guardian account. Parents/guardians are expected to give their approval on their students' MyHours completion each week by entering their initials. View the attendance policy information further down the page for additional information regarding the MyHours requirement.