Explorer Binders:

This school year, students will show responsibility by taking home a daily classroom binder. 

Inside these binders, students will fill out their assignment calendars, store their word sorts, passwords, and spelling words, and transfer assigned homework and completed work. 

Please encourage your child to share this binder with you, as they strive to become an organized and successful third grader.

Students are asked to bring their binder with them every day to and from school. Please review the rules located inside your child's binder.

We encourage all parents to look inside to get familiar with the binder. The front left plastic pocket is our "Parent Pocket." This holds completed work that can be left at home, plus homework for the night. It is all work that parents need to review. The back right plastic pocket is our "Safe Pocket." This pocket is for our on-going, uncompleted work. Please DO NOT remove papers from this pocket. If you do, your student will not have his or her paper when it is time to work on it again. :(