The Little School Bux

Posted by Jennifer Hayden on 8/5/2019



Skill: Character

  • What is this skill?  A character is a person or animal in a story.  Identifying characters in a story helps the reader have a better understanding of the text. 
  • Why is this important?  Knowing about characters can help a reader better understand a story.  Good readers look for clues about what characters do and how they feel. 
  • Sight Words:   I & am
  • Letters:   Introduce Aa, Mm, Ss, Tt 
  • Phonological Awareness:  Rhyming Words
  • Grammar:  Nouns


  • Module 1: Numbers to 10
    • Topics A and B: Classification activities
    • Topics C, D, E, & F: Order, count, and write up to ten objects to answer “how many?” questions from linear, to array, to circular, and finally to scattered configurations.
    • Topics G and H: Understanding of relationships between numbers and know that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one greater and that the number before is one less.


  • Letter and number formation
  • Writing first names
  • Daily journal writing


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