Hummingbird Investigation

Posted by Kelly Simmons on 9/2/2019 1:00:00 AM

When we filled the hummingbird feeder we didn't know that a study of hummingbirds was beginning. The children eagerly helped Mrs. Cox fill the feeder and they watched as Mrs.Simmons hung the feeder from a tree. Everyone sat quietly watching to see what would happen next. We didn't see any hummingbirds that day, but that didn't deter the children. Each morning before recess, the children sat and looked for hummingbirds. It didn't take long until one hummingbird flew near us and sat on top of the tree. We watched it fly back and forth between the tree and the school building. The hummingbird hovered above us and seemed as interested in us as we were in it. Each morning we saw the hummingbird as we walked toward the playground gate. Some mornings the hummingbird was sitting on top of the gate, other days it was sitting on the edge of the roof, or on top of the swings. It seemed as if the hummingbird was waiting for us. The children happily greeted the hummingbird each day as they sat on the bench observing and discussing what it was doing. The hummingbird often hovers above us, sits near/on the tree, and drinks from the feeder. Several times we observed it chasing after another hummingbird. Some children thought they were playing a game of chase, others thought maybe they were friends. This is something we will investigate further.

"I wonder if the hummingbird is a girl or a boy?" asked Mrs. Simmons. Everyone had a opinion, but no one could explain their answer. The next day, the class created a graph with their prediction of girl/female or boy/male, then we did some research. The children looked at pictures in a bird book as Mrs. Simmons read about hummingbirds. The book had pictures of male and female hummingbirds. We discussed our observations and looked at photographs we had taken of the hummingbird. The children compared the physical characteristics of our hummingbird with the male and female pictures in the book. We concluded our hummingbird was female. "It's a GIRL!" exclaimed Savannah V.

Each day the children use binoculars to search for hummingbirds in the trees. They have many questions about the small birds. As the children continue to observe these amazing creatures, we will guide them in discovering the answers to their questions. 


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