We <3 Aspire

Posted by Ameera | Student on 2/14/2023

We love Aspire! Aspire has created an environment for me to be social, learn, create, and grow through the screen. It has offered me so many opportunities and has taught me so many things. Having the option of being online or in-person has been amazing for my family. I also like that it provides a space for all grades! I've been able to make so many friends and learn to communicate with others better. I've learned to be independent while also knowing when and how to ask for help. It's also allowed me to pursue hobbies of mine and learn things outside of my main classes. Most of all, Aspire has helped me to grow as a person to become better and on F.I.R.E, even when it was DVOA. I want to thank my teachers, principal, staff, and students for everything they have done to create an environment for me to be focused, innovative, respectful and empowered. I am proud to be an Aspire student!