Algebra 1-2 Syllabus

Course Description
This course includes formal mathematical concepts such as functions, relations, algebraic expressions, the solving and graphing 
of equations and inequalities, exponents, roots, sequences, series, polynomial operations, linear equations, and the quadratic 
formula. Emphasis is placed on studying algebra in context through problem solving and real-life applications. This course will 
benefit the student by equipping them with the necessary skills and understanding for future math and science studies.
Course Objectives
The student by the end of this class will:
 Use Algebra to model data through the study of 
 Make connections between algebraic, graphical, and 
 Solve right and graph linear and quadratic functions
 Explore and develop properties of exponents
 Explore and develop rules for factoring polynomials
 Emphasize, review, and extend practice skills learned 
in mathematics
Textbook: Algebra 1 by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 
Online Resource: Algebra 1-2 Flexbook – Available 
under the Math Department page on the BCHS website
* There will be a classroom set of books as well as online 
access to the textbook. 
Grading Policy
Grades will be based on the student’s cumulative earned points and weighted by category
60% Assessments 
20% Homework/Classwork
20% Final Exam
The teacher will determine methods of evaluation for all assignments, quizzes, and miscellaneous activities. Tests will be 
constructed to ensure students are evaluated on all primary topics. 
Test Retake Policy
Students who score below a 75% on any Unit Test will be allowed one retake of that test if the following criteria are met.
1. Maximum score student can receive for the retake is a 75%
2. Necessary correctives are completed
3. Retake test must be completed before the next unit test
4. Retake test must be done outside of regular class time
Required Materials 
Students will provide their own supplies to be used on a 
daily basis.
These tools include:
 3-Ring Binder with folder with pockets for homework 
and worksheets
 Composition Book with graph paper for daily notes 
(Available at “The Spot”)
 Pencils, erasers, RED pens
 Graphing Calculator: TI 83 or 84 is the one that will 
be modeled in class
These supplies must be brought to class by
Monday, August 18
 Final Grades 
A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
PowerSchools Access Information
Parents/Guardians that do not have a login code for their child can get one at the front office. An I.D. will be required to receive 
your password. The PowerSchools’ site allows parents/guardians and students to access the student’s grades, attendance, and 
other information. The web address is: 
Long Term Projects
Long term projects are assignments given at least two weeks in advance. Teachers should note that the assignment is a long 
term project in the written instructions provided for the students. Long term projects are due on or before the date assigned, 
even if the student or teacher is absent on the due date. 
See the Student Handbook for additional details.
Adherence to the Boulder Creek Academic Integrity Code 
All students enrolled in Algebra 1-2 will adhere to the framework and guidelines set forth in the Boulder Creek High School 
Academic Integrity Code. Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The purpose of this code is to promote a positive 
learning environment for all involved. As humans, we will make mistakes as we grow. It is understood that we can learn from 
those mistakes and become better individuals in the future. Any student who violates this code will be referred to the Students 
Rights and Responsibilities handbook and assignment of appropriate consequences. Please refer to the Academic Integrity 
Code in your student handbook for more details. 
Absences and Make-Up Work Policy
Upon return to class after an absence, a student has one school day for each day missed to make up work/test assigned during 
his/her absence regardless of the number of days absent. For example, if a student is absent on Thursday and Friday, he/she will 
have Monday and Tuesday of the following week to make up work and must turn in the work that was assigned during the days 
absent on Wednesday. Coursework and assessments assigned prior to the absence(s) may still be due on the date assigned. It is 
the student’s responsibility to check with teachers immediately upon return for work missed and possible adjustment of due 
dates. Teachers may choose to schedule an appointment with the student to arrange due dates as needed.
It is the student’s responsibility to do the following in order to receive full credit on absent work:
1. Get assignment from teacher and get notes missed from another student. 
2. Request help from the teacher if needed. 
3. Label the assignment as “absent” & turn in the completed assignments in the given amount of time.
No late work will be accepted for full credit, although it is recommended students complete all work in order to learn the 
concepts. Students can make up a late assignment for 70% of the credit as it is turned in the following day. 
Classroom Behavior Expectations and Consequences – PBIS 
PRIDE Learning Environment
Prepared  Bring materials
Respectful  Respect others, their property, equipment, and the facility
Integrity  Complete your own work
Everyone United  Encourage confidence
 Come prepared to learn
 All electronic devices are off and out of sight
 Arrive on time & be in your seat
 Behave appropriately and use courteous language
 Keep food and drink outside
 Cooperate and collaborate
Please contact the teacher for any student concerns. It is crucial that teachers, parents, and students maintain open lines of 
communication. Contact information is provided at the top of the first page.
The Deer Valley Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national 
origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. For any inquiries regarding 
nondiscrimination policies contact the Superintendent's Department, 20402 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix, 
AZ 85027. 623.445.5000.
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