The next two weeks

Posted by Robyn Cohon on 11/18/2019

This blog will cover this and next week.  Next week is only 2 days.  

3rd grade math will take their end of module 3 assessment on Friday.  Remember after THanksgiving multiplication charts are gone.

4th grade - This week and next we will focus on the 4th grade geometry standards.  Angle and shapes.  Quiz Friday

5th grade - Division of Fractions strategies.  Quiz Friday

6th Grade - beginning unit 5.  Rational numbers (negatives).  The calculators will be put away.  Quiz Friday

3/4 ELA - Finishing up Vermeer Analysis and also District reading assessment.  Analysis due date is extended to Next Tuesday.

5/6 ELA - Begin Reading 2nd half of Manzanar Due the day we return from Thanksgiving.  5th grade eistrict Reading Assessment.  We will be focusing on after the camps and taking responsibility as a Nation.