• Engineering Expo Full Packet



    Due at school Monday, March 9th 

    STEM Night Wednesday, March 25 5:00-7:00 pm

    First Step: Get your parents to sign the Parent Letter by Friday, Janaury 31st






    Does my model have to work?  My question for you is this, if your model doesn’t work, what data are you are gathering/analyzing for your improvements.  We want students to experience the entire Engineering Desgn Process and they have been reminded of this as we have begun to now apply our brainstorming stages into a ‘real’ invention.  If a student is having difficulties building the project, now is the time to change.  However, if the invention is made and is not able to solve the problem, the project was still a success and whatever issue arose can be discussed in the Data Analysis and Improvement of the Engineering Design Process.


    What if I can’t bring my invention in because it is too big?  Take Photos, please.    Take photos anyway.  Photos are a wonderful way to document the Inquiry Process and add color and interest to your display board.


    What is the next step?  Making your model and getting the Engineering Design Process started.  Keep reflecting back to your Problem/Question to stay on track.


    Have a question: please email me @ Jaime.hansen@dvusd.org      J  Thanks!


    Kid President Video: How to be an Inventor


     EDP vs. SM