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    Ambre Martinez
                    Ambre Martinez, PhD     
                     World Languages Specialist
                     Dual Language Immersion Coordinator                                                            
                     Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment 
  •              DVUSD is proud to offer extraordinary language and cultural opportunities in French, Spanish, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. 

                 Studying another language provides many benefits for the learner!  Not only are you able to communicate with others in another language, you broaden your horizons and gain an entirely new perspective of the world!  You learn about other cultures and develop empathy and compassion for other people.  In addition, you improve your proficiency in your first language, developing literacy skills and improving your vocabulary in English.  Finally, studying a world language gives you a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, universities, international companies, and businesses who are seeking bilingual and biliterate individuals who can communicate effectively with people from around the globe.  

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  •                 Katarina Zelenovic     
                     World Languages Clerk
                     Community Liason                                                          
                     Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment